Articles about Tolly Burkan and Firewalking

The New York Times

May 31, 1980

‘Day of Child’ Benefit Is Set for Tomorrow

by Dudley Clendinen

The Los Angeles Herald Examiner

May 7, 1983

I Will Fear No Burning Coals on My Toes

by David Wharton

Section A, Page 8

The New Age Journal

December, 1983

Walking on Fire

by Dio Urmilla Neff

Page 64

Seattle Post – Intelligencer

 February 14, 1984

Firewalking: It’s Only a Matter of Mind Over Feet

by Don Carter

Section C, Page 1

Los Angeles Times

 April 11, 1984

Firewalking: The Curious Hotfoot It to a New Fad

by Beth Ann Krier

Front Page

The Washington Post

 June 6, 1984

Daring Feet: A Hot Fad

Section B, Page 6

Rolling Stone

August 30, 1984

Get it While it’s Hot!

by Jon Krakauer

Page 22

San Jose Mercury News

 September 16, 1984

Souls on Coals

by Wade Roberts

Section L, Page 1

Chicago Tribune

September 28, 1984

Fire Walking: Hot Revival for an Ancient Ritual

by Jim Parker

Section 5, Page 1

Science Magazine

March, 1985

Walking on Fire

by Rick McCourt

Page 84

The Anchorage Times

July 9, 1985

Firewalking Books Are, Literally, Hot New Concept

by Dave Berry

Section C, Page 1

The Detroit News

September 1, 1986

I Walked on Fire!

by Denise Crittendon

Section C, Page 1

Chicago Tribune

December 1, 1986

Hot Feat: No Burning Desire to Walk on Fire

by Paul Galloway

Section 5, Page 1

San Francisco Chronicle

May 13, 1984

The Firewalking Suburbanites

by Beth Ann Krier

Page 5

The Wall Street Journal

April 18, 1989

If Past-Life Trauma Has Got You Down, Firewalk May Help

by Christopher J. Chipello

Front Page

Publishers Weekly

May 25, 2005

Sneaking onto Bookshelves Near You?

by Kevin Howell

January 8, 2004


by Dr. Andrew Weil

Paranormal Review

July 2003

Why Did You Firewalk?

by Casimir D. Bernard

Page 38

Philadelphia Inquirer

May 1, 2002              

A Guru’s Guide to Firewalking and Forgiving

by Art Carey

Section D, Page 1

Prevention Magazine

January, 2003

If You Can Walk on Fire

by Andrew Weil, M.D.

Page 100

The Denver Post

January 25, 2000

Walking on a Bed of Embers

by Cate Terwilliger

Section E, Page 1

The Sacramento Bee

October 20, 2001

Spirit of the Fire

by Jennifer Garza

Section E, Page 1

Houston Chronicle

April 3, 2002

Firewalkers Tackle Their Fears One Step at a Time

by Daniel J. Vargas

Times Herald Record

May 11, 2002

Fighting Fear with Fire

by Sandy Tomchou

Page 43

Psychology Today

January/February 1993

Firewalking: Fighting Fire with Focus

Page 15

The Miami Herald

February 14, 1997

Walking on Fire

by Rick Jervis

Section B, Page 1

National Enquirer

December 24, 1991

Enquirer Reporter Goes on His Hottest Story Ever

by Dan McDonald

Page 27

Palm Beach Post

 May 19, 1996


by Greg Lovett

Section D, Page 10

The Anchorage Times

 August 21, 1990

Trial by Fire

by Ann Chandonnet

Section D, Page 1

Seattle Post- Intelligencer

April 30, 1996

Mind Over Embers

by Vanessa Ho

Section C, Page 1

Podiatry Today

July/August 1992


by Edwin Black

Cover Story

The Sacramento Bee

September 23, 1994

Hot to Trot

by David Barton

Section E, Page 1

The Phoenix Gazette

 June 28, 1995

Fire walkers Face Fears

by Lynn Pyne

Front Page

The Philadelphia Inquirer

April 8, 1989

Is Walking on Hot Coals Good for the Soul?

by Frank Rossi

Section D, Page 1

The Seattle Times

Firewalking Made Easy

by Bill Gordon

Section B, Page 2

The Galveston Daily News

September 17, 1990

Firewalker Strolls Coals Confident of Good Things

by Bob Whitby

Front Page

The Washington Times

March 25, 1992

Hot to Trot

by Betsy Pisik

Page 1, Section E

San Francisco Examiner

 May 26, 1991

The Firewalker: He Treads on Hot, Glowing Coals

by Dennis Pollock

Section B, Page 1

The Miami Herald

January 12, 1992

‘Fire Walking’ Guru Still Hot

by Bob Grieser

Page 6J

USA Today

April 2, 1990

Firewalking’s Founding Father

by Billy Cox

Page 1 Section D

Mother Earth

September/October 1990

A Walk on the Hot Side

by Robert Birkby

Page 112

Mensa Bulletin

July/August 1989

The Truth About Firewalking

by Joel AmKraut

Page 2