Regis Philbin, Talkshow Host

Among his many talents, Tolly absolutely makes the world a better place.

Andrew Weil, M.D., Author of Spontaneous Healing

Tolly’s seminar was one of the most profound experiences of my life.

Marilyn Diamond, Author of Fit for Life

I experienced a rebirth at one of Tolly Burkan’s seminars— it was an important transformation in my life

James Mapes, Author of Quantum Leap Thinking

Tolly changed my definition of ‘impossible’ forever… a mechanism was implanted deep in my subconscious, a mechanism that, from time to time when needed, reminds me to challenge my assumptions.

Larissa Vilenskaya, Author of Firewalking

Anyone who spends a few hours with Tolly would not be the same and would never forget the experience.

Loring Danforth, Ph.D., Author of Firewalking and Religious Healing

People who participate in Tolly’s workshops are empowered; their lives are transformed. They gain an enhanced sense of self-esteem and are able to function more effectively in the world in which they live.

Geraldo Rivera, Talkshow Host

Tolly has changed me. It’s absolutely amazing. I’m stunned!

Phil Donahue, Talkshow Host

Tolly has demonstrated that once you’ve firewalked, you begin to sense that what you were afraid of wasn’t that bad, the fear wasn’t necessary, and if you can get past that, you can get rid of lots of other fears.

Anthony Robbins, Author of Awaken the Giant Within

I love you Tolly and I thank you for the opportunity and privilege of modeling you during the firewalk… I found you a great teacher.

Dave Barry, Columnist

If you’re looking for a way to find total happiness in your life, I urge you to walk on hot coals as soon as possible, provided of course that you have taken a seminar run by a responsible professional.

Richard Brooke, CEO of Oxyfresh Worldwide, Inc.

Tolly does extraordinary work… he has courage and leadership… I look forward to many more seminars with him.

Peter Gott, M.D., Columnist

Firewalking could be the biggest revolution in the healing arts since Dr. Koch discovered bacteria.